2017 Corporate Sponsors

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2017 Individual Supporters

Søren Glasius

Jeff Brown

Georgina Del Torno

Roberto Perez Alcolea

Ken Kousen

Göran Ehrsson

Doug Sabers

Narahari Lakshminarayana

Eric Foster-Johnson

2016 Individual Supporters

Georgina Del Torno Ceballos & Roberto Perez Alcolea

Søren Glasius

Doug Sabers

Kousen IT, Inc.

Jon DeJong

Aaron Zirbes

Marcin Erdmann

Ken Krebs

Jeff Warren

Ryan Vanderwerf

Lee Fox

Michael Androff

Stephen Pember

Karolina Boboli

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As our efforts have ramped up, so have our operating expenses -- including hosting and maintaining this page. Please donate via paypal or discuss sponsorship with Jenn Strater, co-founder, at or submit this form.

If you'd like to dedicate funds to a particular outreach project, please add that in the notes section. Also, individual and corporate sponsors will be added to the lists above unless the gift is noted as anonymous.

Gr8Ladies is a registered non-profit organization in the state of Minnesota. We also have a federal EIN but since our gross receipts are normally less than $5000 per year we are exempt from filing for 501(c)(3) status and can be treated as a 501(c)(3) charity. This means that donations can be tax-deductible even though we are not listed in the IRS registry.* We can provide invoicing and a W-9 form as needed.