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an organization for the support of women in the Groovy community.

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Back in March 2014, when we were just getting going, it became clear that we needed to define who we are and what our purpose is. This blog post written by Co-Founder Jenn also goes over a brief history of Gr8Ladies.

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This website is an opensource project. If you see something you'd like to change, please submit an issue and/or a pull request.

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As our efforts have ramped up, so have our operating expenses -- including hosting and maintaining this page. Please donate via paypal or discuss sponsorship with Jenn Strater, co-founder, at

If you'd like to dedicate funds to a particular outreach project, please add that in the notes section. Also, individual and corporate sponsors will be added to the lists above unless the gift is noted as anonymous.

Gr8Ladies is a registered non-profit organization in the state of Minnesota. We also have a federal EIN but have not filed for 501(c)3 status yet. We can provide invoicing and a W-9 form as needed.

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